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06 August 2006 @ 02:17 pm

001 Seeing how the RP may contain strong language, adult situations and other possible mature themes, we are looking for players that are able to handle said situations in a professional manner. However, any posts or logs that may be deemed with the rating of R or above must be clearly labeled and behind an lj-cut.

002 No godmodding. It's a pretty simple concept. Just don't take control of another player's characters, please. You will either be distributed a warning or simply exempt from the RP.

003 The RP can take place throughout AIM conversations, or in a thread-based RP. However, we simply ask that all AIM logs are placed in blueside_logs, and that threads are posted in blueside_rpg.

004 We ask that you please remain active throughout the game. Players must update their characters journal, or be active in an RP at least once a week. If you are inactive for more than two weeks we will distribute a warning in blueside_ooc and give you one more week to re-claim your character. We realize that real life happens, and if you are going to be away for a long period of time, just let us know and we will reserve your character for you.

005 Have fun! This is a game, and it is made to have fun, and spark creativity. Play nice, and all will go smoothely.

001 There is a limit to two characters per player, seeing how there is a slightly limited cast availible for role playing purposes.

002 As for right now, original characters are allowed as long as they are given a strong background and personality that would be fitting towards the RP. There is a limit to only 4 Original Characters at this time, however that is subject to change as the RP goes on.

003 If you'd like to place a character on hold, you are more than welcome to do so. Just leave a post in blueside_ooc and one of the moderators will put your character on hold and you will have one week to turn in an application. One character at a time, please.

004 Canon character relationships are not mandatory. We'd like this RP to start fresh and have relationships build from there, however if you would like to already have a relationship with another character, please go over the idea with the player of said character before making a general assumption.

001 Character journal entries are encouraged, so that characters can communicate through those journals leaving comments, holding conversations, etc. However it is not completely mandatory. It is asked that you please update your character journal at least once a week. When you do post in them, please refrain from use of smiley faces. They're disrupting to the mood and general feel of the RP.

002 When posting in the main community, it would be appreciated if the actual post was placed under a cut. With general format of: Who, When, Where, and Summary placed before it.

003 Please keep all out of character questions and concerns to the out of character community, blueside_ooc. The main community is used for threads only. Thank you.